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There are a number of ways that the BGCA staff and family can come alongside our churches and leaders to ensure that we are able produce maximum fruit for the good of God's Kingdom.  Within our BGCA family we have a great wealth of gifts and skills.  We desire to build a great web of support and resources.  See the General list of options below:

Church Health:

  • Church Health Assessment Tool

  • Congregational Coaching

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Leadership Transition

Leadership Development:

  • Leadership Learning Communities (Live and Virtual)

  • Pastor Coaching

  • Polity and Governance

  • Staff and Team 

Ministry Expansion 


See below for further information about the above:


Church Health


It is our belief that the Church is God’s primary instrument for fulfilling His mission or purpose in the world today. The Church is God's plan A and there is no plan B.  The Church brings glory to God as it incarnates its identity as the Body of Christ by making more disciples and fulfilling its Kingdom mandate of loving God and loving others.

Church Health, like your physical health, is essential for success and longevity.  When a church is healthy, ministry vitality is attractional and efficacious. But the church as a body is prone to disease from within and without.

The Baptist General Conference in Alberta seeks to assist churches in establishing and maintaining ministry vitality. We have multiple resources to assess, develop and maintain congregational health.

  Church Health Assessment Tool (Chat)


Charting a course for the future of your church requires intentionality.  One of the most effective, and proven tools that offered any church is the Church Health Assessment Tool (CHAT).  This involves gathering historical data, staff and leadership’s observations, and insight through an in-depth Congregational Survey.

This process will conclude with a report to the congregation of the findings with specific prescriptions to addressing any concerns discovered.

Ongoing pastor and leadership coaching will be available to work through a strategic plan to address concerns and areas of desired change.  

As a ministry partner with CHAT, the BGCA can get the CHAT survey for a discounted rate.  

    Congregational Coaching

Every church deals with the change both within their congregations and in their communities. As society changes the context of every church, congregations have the opportunity to not only respond to this change but to allow the new environment to enable brand new models of ministry.

Wise is the congregation and its leadership that seeks an outside source to help navigate these changes.  Our coaches have vast ministry experience to help your church address these ongoing needs.

Here are some of the areas where we can assist your congregation through coaching:

  • Assimilation Strategies
  • Missional Implementation (Community Impact)
  • Facilities Review


   Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution is a way for two or more parties to find a peaceful and Biblical solution to a disagreement that would cause stress in a relationship. The disagreement may be personal, congregational financial, or emotional. We can assist individuals or groups in a church deal with conflict “in a manner worthy of our Christian calling to promote the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. (Ephesians 4:1-4)


   Leadership Transitions

Given time every congregation will experience staff transition. This is a critical juncture in a church’s life and future.  In this technological era, the process has become more demanding and challenging for congregations.  We offer the following tools, resources, and training to assist your congregation in finding a good fit for your staffing needs.

  • Pulpit Supply
  • Transitional Pastor Placement
  • Pastoral/Staff Search Training & Coaching
  • Criminal/Educational/Credit Checks

Leadership Development


Leadership development, including pastoral, staff and board level leadership, is essential to church health and effectiveness. As one author stated, “While it may be helpful to view leadership development as advanced discipleship or as a subset of discipleship, it is detrimental to view leadership development as distinct from discipleship.” Designed to Lead: The Church and Leadership Development Eric Geiger & Kevin Peck


   Leadership Conversations (Live and Virtual)

As the name implies these groups focus on leadership development, through guided conversations.  Leadership as a cultural component is a part of every church. Whether they are called the pastor, elders, deacons or something else, pastors must help shape a church’s leadership culture to best support the mission of the church.

Beginning in January, 2021, the BGCA will be hosting regular conversations with a variety of leadership affinity groups.  These groups will include children's ministry leaders, youth leaders, church board members, administrative assistants, among other groups.  

As “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17 (ESV) Learning in community provides support, insight, and accountability.

  Pastor Coaching

Every pastor needs a coach.  A coach can assist a leader to bring clarity to their leadership role and ministry goals.  They help leaders look at themselves and their ministry from the outside. You don’t always see what you’re doing outside of your perspective. From Ministry experience and tools like the DISC and Motivators Profile Assessment, we can assist you in the development of things such as a Strategic Leadership Plan or Turn-Around Pastor Coaching.

  Polity and Governance

Polity or governance forms the foundation for organizational health.  It helps answer the managerial question of who, how, and what.  An effective polity will promote unity and focus by defining leadership roles, clarifying ministry responsibilities and supporting leadership development.  An accountable leadership model brings clarity of authority, responsibility, and accountability to the board, pastor, ministry staff and congregation.

   Church Board & Staff Training

Training of boards and staff is an essential element often neglected in the local church.  We are persuaded that leadership is defined in the context of stewardship of identity, purpose, and fruitfulness. Areas where we can assist your congregation include:

  • Board Coaching
  • DISC/Motivators/E-IQ2 Team Building Assessments
  • Conversational Intelligence Training
  • Board & Staff Retreats


Ministry Expansion


God is the Lord of the harvest, and he has called us to pray earnestly for workers. There is a contrasting and inequitable ratio – great harvest and few workers (Matthew9:35-38).  We are seeking both church planters and planting opportunities throughout one of the most dynamic regions of the United States.

  • Church Planter Assessment
  • Community Profile
  • Multisite Coaching

To discuss any of the above opportunities for your church, please contact BGCA District Coach Dennis Gulley at or at 780-951-4098.