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Great Podcast On Small Groups

I wanted to share a great podcast with you.  It is from The Everyday Disciple Podcast from Caesar Kalinowski with a good friend of mine,  Hugh Halter.  I have known Hugh for more than 30 years, we began our ministry careers together at Portland Youth for Christ many moons again.

Hugh always challenges me to think beyond my own way of seeing things, and he always inspires me to consider how I might better and more naturally "love my neighbour, as myself".  

 According to Caesar Kalinowski, in this Podcast you will learn:

  • Why your church small groups are more important than ever.
  • The need to reframe the Gospel for everyone in small groups.
  • Why understanding the community that Jesus formed is key.
  • Tools you can use to move your small group toward missional living.

Click the picture below to listen to the podcast:

Hugh Halter Podcast


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