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Why I Chose To Become a Coach

Someone recently asked me why I went to the effort to get my training and certification in the area of coaching.  The answer for me was very easy for me.  I said that when I was looking to the second half of my professional life, I thought about what had provided the greatest growth in my life and what had helped me be the best that I could be, and the was simply coaching.  

As I look back to my development as a Christian leader, it was in the seasons when I was being coached, that I could see the greatest amount of personal development and Kingdom fruit.  In these seasons of intentional coaching, I had the benefit of Godly men walking with me and helping me see my struggles as well as my the opportunities before me more clearly.

Now, let me be real honest with you, the beauty of Christian Coaching is that it combines the best aspects of discipleship, mentoring, accountability and coaching all in one amazing package.  

I also have to be honest and tell you that the coaching I have received has not always been easy, and it is not always fun.  I would often tell my wife that I was about to go into a coaching call or meeting, and that I was dreading it.  As true as this fact is, it is just as true that after each coaching appointment I would tell Joanne that I really needed the coaching and that the timing of the conversation was perfect.  

I now see this same dynamic from the other side as a coach.  I see my clients come time and time again dreading having to talk about whatever it is that they are struggling with, or address an issue that is raw and painful.  Then as we enter the coaching conversation and trust the coaching process that we see the fruit.

While I had coached leaders for years informally, I desired to hone this craft and to seek formal training and credentialing to ensure that I could give my coaching clients my best.  

I recently ended a year long coaching relationship with a business client that was very resistant in the beginning of our time together.  As we reviewed the past year, he thanked me for always being able to hold a "mirror" up to help him see his true self. I felt very good with this assessment, and he was very thankful that I as able to help him be a better him.  

If any of our BGCA leaders or pastors would like to chat about entering into a formal coaching relationship, please reach out to me at


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